LiveText is utilized in most Education courses. Education Majors are expected to purchase a LiveText membership for the duration of time they are attending USCB and completing their degree. Students have the option to purchase a Standard Edition LiveText membership (for $98)  from the USCB's Shark's Cove Bookstore or order online at Student memberships remain active for five years.

What is LiveText?

LiveText is a web-based interface to create, submit, and complete assignments for USCB courses. It is a convenient, priority-driven, streamlined workspace with a Dashboard - a repository providing quick access to all of your documents. It provides access to a comprehensive easy-to-navigate Help Center with updated menu guides containing step-by-step instructions, screen shot illustrations, flash demonstrations, and tips to help you navigate through LiveText features.

Questions about LiveText?

For questions about LiveText, please contact Ms. Maryanne Rizzi, Field and Clinical Coordinator and LiveText Coordinator at