Society of Creative Writers

Society of Creative Writers

USCB's Society of Creative Writers is dedicated to sharing a passion for the written word with like-minded peers. This student-led group allows writers of any experience level to share their work, get constructive criticism and other feedback from classmates, network or just hang out and talk about writing. The group typically meets on campus once a week (the Facebook group gives the most current meeting information) and holds a public reading at the end of the semester. Each semester, society members and other contributors from diverse majors across USCB assemble their work in the university's literary magazine, The Pen, which reaches out to fellow students and the community to showcase a taste of the university's broad range of creative talent.


Dr. Ellen Malphrus (, Faculty Advisor
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The Pen

The Pen is a biannual publication of the Society of Creative Writers, produced under the supervision of the Department of English, Theater, and Liberal Studies at the University of South Carolina Beaufort. The Pen features the original work of USCB students typically in the realm of creative writing, which includes primarily fiction and poetry, as well as other creative arts, such as photography. The aim of The Pen is to highlight commendable, creative student work and provide students a place where their work may be published with credit. See below for criteria for publication and instructions for submissions.

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Fall 2016

Edited by Jeremy Breland, Tia Dobson, Katie Hart, Alexis Henderson, Mahogany Hickman, Emily Miller, and Zoe Slingluff. Graphic design by Bill Lisbon.

Selected Past Editions:


Spring 2016
Edited by Katie Hart, Alexis Henderson, Elizabeth Higginbotham, Brenda Hill, Bill Lisbon, Ciera Love, and Kat Trent.


Fall 2015
Edited by Katie Hart, Alexis Henderson, Brenda Hill, Bill Lisbon, Ciera Love, and Taylor Piscitello.


Spring 2015
Edited by Katie Hart, Alexis Henderson, Brenda Hill, Bill Lisbon, Ciera Love, Taylor Riley, and Kat Trent.


Fall 2014
Edited by Alexis Henderson, Bill Lisbon, Ciera Love, and Kat Trent.


Fall 2013
Edited by Scotti DeRouen, Sarah Doty, and Victoria Hilton.


Spring 2013
Edited by Samantha Clevinger and David Goff.


Fall 2012
Edited by Samantha Clevinger, David Goff, and Matthew Piscitello.


Spring 2012
Edited by Samantha C. Phillips.


Spring 2011
Edited by T.R. Kirkpatrick and Cindy White.

Criteria for Publication / Instructions for Submissions

In order to be considered for publication in The Pen, writers must be current USCB students or prior students with no more than two years since their last active semester. Students do not need be enrolled in an English or art course to submit work.

All work submitted for publication must be original, unpublished and preferably produced while the writer/artist was a USCB student. Most types of creative writing, art and other expression will be happily considered. ("Fan fiction" will not be accepted.)

There is no limit to the amount of submissions per person, however, writers are expected to send only polished, college-level work. Writing pieces should not exceed 2,500 words each.

All writing pieces must be sent via email in an attached Microsoft Word document. Ensure work is formatted as it is intended to appear on the page, especially poetry. Each piece should be sent in its own file, and each piece must include a title and the author's name.

While it is The Pen's goal to publish work exactly as it is submitted, the editorial staff does reserve the right to edit submissions for publication. Typically, this will include editing for spelling, punctuation, grammar and consistency. Writers should inform the editorial board of any intentional misspellings to avoid unintended corrections.

All art and photography must be sent via email as a JPEG file no smaller than 5" x 7" at 300 dpi. Artists and photographers must include their name and a title for each entry as well as information on the medium (i.e., oil on canvas, charcoal on paper). 

Published writers and artists will be provided with at least one free copy of The Pen.

To submit, or for more information, email the editorial board at