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Liberal Studies

A Bachelors of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies is simultaneously one of the oldest and most innovative degrees in modern collegiate education.  The Liberal Studies program at USCB encourages students to work outside the boundaries of inquiry permitted by single-disciplines.  USCB’s Liberal Studies program is part of a national trend, focusing on assisting students in designing their own degree which both offers students the chance to engage with their own interests and career goals.

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Prospective Majors

Students can declare a major in liberal studies as early as the end of their freshman year, but they must submit an application after having earned 45 credit hours of college level work in order to be admitted into the program. The application consists of a statement of academic interests and goals, a program of study for achieving them, and an attached essay that explains and justifies these choices. Where a curriculum of interdisciplinary study exists, as in Security Studies, the program of study must satisfy its requirements. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 is required for admission as well as graduation, and majors must earn a "C" or better in all courses included in the major and the minor fields of study.

Once the program of study is approved, changes may be made to it but must be approved by the advisor. Prerequisites for courses listed in the program of study may satisfy general education or elective requirements, but must in any case be met. All students must earn at least 30 USCB hours after they are admitted to the program, and a minimum of 120 accredited hours of coursework satisfying general education and program requirements, electives, and approved upper-division major and minor requirements must be presented to earn the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.