Second Baccalaureate Degree

University of South Carolina Beaufort may confer a second baccalaureate degree upon candidates who complete requirements for the second degree.

The following specifications for a second baccalaureate degree apply:

  • The student must meet admission and progression requirements for the second degree and must have received formal approval to pursue the second degree from Department Chairs under each degree and the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  • All requirements for the second degree must be fulfilled.
  • The additional requirements for the second degree must include a minimum of 24 semester hours beyond those required for the first degree.
  • No course that satisfies a general education, major, minor, cognate, or requirement other than a free elective for the first degree may be applied to the major field of the second degree.
  • The student must file a separate degree application for the second degree in the Registrar’s Office. Under this policy a student may apply for two degrees at one time or separately. In either case, the student receives two diplomas. It should be noted that a second major does not by itself lead to the conferral of a second degree.