It has been said that man’s favorite object of study is himself. Understanding the factors that help maintain psychological, physical and social well-being can benefit graduates in psychology throughout their professional and personal lives. The range of phenomena that psychologists study is vast. Listed below are only a few of the fascinating topics that students study in their psychology classes.

Love - Prejudice - Depression

Gender - Aggression - Schizophrenia

Dreaming - Rape - Autism

Learning - Hate - ADHD

Thinking - Animal Behavior - Addiction

Memory - War - Anxiety

Sex - Gangs - Gambling

Sleeping - Terror - Hallucinations

Psychology graduates tend to have strong "people" skills, a valuable commodity in almost any profession. The application of these skills is not confined to the helping professions such as counseling and medicine, but is useful in such diverse fields as law, human services, community and public affairs, education, management, sales, advertising, marketing, service industries, research, and writing. Nationally, psychology is one of the top three most popular undergraduate majors in liberal arts colleges and universities.

For many psychology students the undergraduate degree is but a stepping stone to graduate study and a career in the profession of psychology.

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