The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Spanish degree program is to enhance and continually improve a university curriculum responsive to the region’s higher education needs. The program has two tracks: 1.) Spanish for Heritage Speakers and 2.) General Spanish. Both have been designed to address specific regional demands in education, business, health, social, professional, and human services sectors, among others. The study of the Spanish language, culture, history and literature is an integral part of a liberal arts college education, fostering in students an awareness of their global and local responsibilities and rights. Students will learn to examine and analyze their sociological, political, historical, philosophical, ethical and ideological responses to current situations and circumstances within society. These skills will place students in a primary position to respond to the comprehensive demands of the region. Additionally, the program will provide a field of study vital to a traditional university education. The program centers on the constitution and emergence of modern American and international society and its increasing cultural, political, economic, and ecological interdependence.

Graduates of this program will attain appropriate levels of proficiency in each of the following areas: speaking, reading, writing, listening comprehension, and culture based on the ACTFL rating guidelines and achieve the sufficient level of language and cultural proficiency required for beginning graduate studies and to compete effectively for jobs in fields requiring a proficient knowledge of spoken and written Spanish (i.e. education, human services, government, law, banking, public relations, business, etc.).

The Spanish degree at USCB will provide students with Spanish language and Hispanic cultural skills that result in their becoming more articulate and analytical, as well as historically and socially informed. The program also fosters in students a multicultural perspective and a sense of social responsibility. It also prepares students to be aware of, and respond to, escalating multicultural and global societal changes. Additionally, prepare students to be aware of, and respond to, newly arrived Hispanic residents of the locality and state.

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Considering a Double Major?  A major in a foreign language is complimentary and undeniably beneficial to any undergraduate degree offered at USCB.  The following is merely a sampling of majoring in Spanish and another degree, regardless of the department:



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Program Purpose and Goals

Second Baccalaureate Degree

Second Major

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Spanish Major

General Track Major

  • Prerequisites: Two courses BSPA 209, 210 - 06 credits
  • Ten courses at the BSPA 300 level or above - 30 credits 

Heritage Track Major 

  • Spanish Major for Heritage Speakers
  • Prerequisites: Nine courses at the BSPA 300 level or above - 27 credits
  • Three courses (in Spanish or other disciplines) - 09 credits

Spanish Minor

  • BSPA 209, 210, 309, 310 and two additional courses at 300+ level. (BSPA 398 can be taken only once.)