BSPC 140 - PUBLIC COMMUNICATION (3). Public speaking and the principles and criticism of oral public communication, to include performance by students.

BSPC 190 – INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNICATION STUDIES (3) An introduction to communication studies as a field of study, including the concepts, ideas, issues, research methods and theories associated with the discipline.

BSPC 201 - INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION (3). Presents basic concepts for understanding communication in interpersonal relationships. It combines a theoretical approach with a skills approach to the study of interpersonal communication.

BSPC 230 - BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING (3). Fundamentals of oral communication within business and professional settings. Includes performance.

BSPC 240MEDIA AND SOCIETY (3).  (Prereq: BSPC 140, 210 or 230) A basic introduction of the media (television, radio, film, print), in society, enabling students to become critical readers/viewers of the mass media.

BSPC 310 THEORIES OF HUMAN COMMUNICATION (3). Investigation of theories and concepts used to explain human communication.  Includes oral presentation.

BSPC 320 COMUNICATION STUDIES RESEARCH  (3). An examination of the qualitative and quantitative methods employed in communication research. Includes oral presentation.

BPSC 325- ARGUMENTATION AND DEBATE (3).  Prereq: BSPC 140 or permission of instructor) Major focus on models of argument and how they are presented in various communication contexts.  Student debating included. 

BSPC 340 - ORAL INTERPRETATION OF LITERATURE (3). {=BTHE 340}  A course designed to give an understanding of the principles involved in extracting meaning from the printed page and the oral presentation of that meaning in a lucid and stimulating manner.

BSPC 343 - CLASSROOM COMMUNICATION (3). (Prereq: BSPC 140) This course is designed for prospective teachers/ trainers in all disciplines, at all levels. This course provides students both a cognitive and experiential understanding of the role of communication in the classroom.

BSPC 345 - STORYTELLING IN CONTEXTS (3). (Prereq: BSPC 140) This course analyzes the role of storytelling in everyday life. A variety of contexts will be examined and students will study storytelling techniques and use these to tell stories.

BSPC 389 - SMALL GROUP COMMUNICATION (3). The development of the attitudes, skills and knowledge of methods of effective participation in discussion in conferences, committees and other small groups.

BSPC 390FAMILY COMMUNICATION (3). (Prereq: BSPC 201) a basic introduction to the study of how communication is used in the family to develop, maintain, enhance or disturb marital and family relationships.

BSPC 398 - TOPICS IN COMMUNICATION STUDIES  (3) Reading and research on selected communication studies topics. Course content varies and will be announced in the schedule of classes by suffix and title.

BSPC 399 - INDEPENDENT STUDY (3-6). Contract approval by instructor, advisor, Department Chair and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is required.

BSPC 450 - INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION (3). A study of cultural differences in human communication with focus on theoretical and experiential approaches toward gaining competence in communicating across cultures.

BSPC 490 – COMMUNICATION STUDIES CAPSTONE COURSE (3) Provides students the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired as communication majors as well as provide experiences for students to exhibit competent communication skills learned during their program of study.  Both written and oral presentations included.

BANT 371  ETHNOGRAPHY OF COMMUNICATION  (3).  Ethnographic analysis of communication in human groups and institutions.

BANT 385  GENDER AND LANGUAGE USE (3). Explores an approach to gender and language use that emphasizes the grounding in social practice of both.