Double Major in English and Spanish

A double major can be an excellent way to distinguish yourself and give yourself an edge on the job market.  The course of study required for a double major in English and Spanish is demanding, but if students decide upon this path early in their academic careers and plan accordingly, they can graduate with a single additional semester.

Here is a sample course of study for the double major in English and Spanish.  It is based upon the general majors for English and Spanish—but it can easily be modified for the Writing Concentration in English and/or the Heritage Speakers major in Spanish.  This course of study is also designed for a student who places into Spanish 209 upon entering the university.

Sample Course of Study

General Major in English / General Major in Spanish

Fall Freshman Year  (15-16 credits)

Spring Freshman Year (15 credits)

English 101 & 101L

Math (usually BMTH 101)

Spanish 209

Speech 140, 230, or 201

Fine Arts

English 102

2nd Numerical/Analytical Reasoning Course

Spanish 210

1st Selection from History 101, 102, 111, 112, 115, or 116

1st Social/Behavioral Science

Fall Sophomore Year (16 credits)

Spring Sophomore Year (15-16 credits)

English 287 (counts as 1st Gen Ed Liberal Arts Elective)

English 288

Spanish 309 [or 310]

2nd Gen Ed Liberal Arts Elective

1st Natural Science (with lab)

English 290

English 289

Spanish 310 [or 309]

Spanish 312

2nd Natural Science (lab optional)

Fall Junior Year (15 credits)

Spring Junior Year (15 credits)

1st English Pre-1800 Class

1st English Post-1800 Class

Spanish 400 [or 401]

Spanish 405 [or 404]

2nd Selection from History 101, 102, 111, 112, 115, or 116

2nd English Pre-1800 Class

2nd English Post-1800 Class

Spanish 402 [or 403]

Spanish 407 [or 406]

History 109 (counts as Humanities Program Req. for English)

Fall Senior Year (15 credits)

Spring Senior Year (15 credits)

3rd English Post-1800 Class

English 453

Spanish 401 [or 400]

Spanish 404 [ or 405]

2nd Social/Behavioral Science

1st English Elective 300/400 Level

2nd English Elective 300/400 Level

Spanish 403 [or 402] or 406 [or 407]

Spanish 499

3rd Social/Behavioral Science

Additional Senior Semester (6 credits)

3rd English Elective 300/400 Level

Philosophy (other than BPHI 110 or 111)

Your double major will be noted on your transcripts, but you will only receive a single diploma. Students can also pursue a double degree, with two diplomas, but this requires additional course work meeting additional restrictions. For details, see USCB’s Academic Bulletin.