Writing Internship

Luke K D crop My summer internship with USA TODAY, accompanied by my for-credit class with Dr. Kilgore, truly gave me a new level of understanding over our language and a profound sense of the impact it can have on our society. USCB's English program has given me so much over the years, and my relationships with my fellow students and mentors are something that I know will stay with me for a very long time.

–– Luke Kerr-Dineen, USCB English major and 2010/11 SGA President, on completing his internship. See his front page article (co-authored and below the fold) from the internship with USA TODAY. He's currently an associate editor at Golf Digest.


This course provides a structured but flexible opportunity for English majors to earn course credit for an internship that focuses on writing, editing, proofreading, and/or research. Through time spent “on the job,” reading theoretical and practical literature about workplace writing, and in consultation with the instructor, you will also learn how to craft job documents, articulate a personal strategic plan, navigate organizational cultures, and write effectively for diverse audiences.

Download the Writing Internship course syllabus (pdf) for more information.


Looking for an Intern, paid or unpaid? Our English majors are good communicators, hard workers, and especially adept at learning new material in a time-sensitive enviroment. We will work with you to find a student who meets your organization's needs.


Dr. Robert Kilgore, kilgorer@uscb.edu, 843-208-8210.