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How To Check Financial Aid Status

For best results, check again.

If you are awarded financial aid, an award notification will be sent to your USCB email account. You will be instructed to access Self Service Carolina (SSC) website to view your financial aid award information. This website provides information about your financial aid awards as well as information about the disbursement of your aid. You must have a valid USC VIP ID number and a USC Password in order to log-in to SSC.

You must follow all instructions provided to ensure that your financial aid awards will be available for you to use during bill processing. You will also be directed to the Financial Aid web site to read the Terms and Conditions of your award(s). It is the student's responsibility to read this information and to become familiar with the terms and conditions.

Your financial aid initially will be processed based on full-time enrollment for both Fall and Spring. If you do not plan to enroll full-time, you will be able to print the award notice, make adjustments to the number of hours of enrollment and submit the corrections to our office. Your awards will be adjusted. Also, you may indicate in the space provided on the printed award notice if you want to revise or decline part or the entire offer. The Office of Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs will attempt to meet your calculated need. However, due to funding limitations, you may not receive funds equal to the total amount of your eligibility.

All financial aid awards are subject to change if the information upon which they were based changes or federal regulations require a change. If the total of your award(s) becomes greater than your documented financial need or the established cost of attendance, your award(s) may need to be adjusted. You will be notified if such an adjustment is necessary. While generally not an issue, all awards are subject to the availability of funding.

Please do not assume that your fees are automatically paid as a financial Aid/Scholarship recipient. You must process your bill on Self Service Carolina, print and process your bill by mail, or go directly to the Bursar’s Office for bill processing.

If you need assistance, please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs at 843-521-3104.