Giving Opportunities

There are numerous ways to give to the USCB:

Annual Campaign
The Annual Campaign which reaches our audience through the mail,seeks to engage our entire community in giving to the University at the end of the calendar year. Gifts of any size are appreciated. These funds areCombining all the gifts ensures that the University can seize unanticipated opportunities and solve problems that arise unexpectedly. While the official campaign takes place in December each year, donations are gratefully accepted at any time.

Endowment Gifts
Endowment gifts at the University of South Carolina Beaufort come in many shapes and sizes, but the best thing about them is that they can last forever. They enrich the University community and provide much needed support for the incredible growth in facilities, baccalaureate degree programs, named professorships, community partnerships and programs and student services including scholarships, activities and athletic programs. Endowments expend the earnings of the gift and grow the principal so that it truly is a gift that goes on giving. Click here for more detailed information about Endowments.

Family Fund
The Family Fund is the University of South Carolina Beaufort’s annual giving campaign for faculty, staff and retirees. By making a gift to the Family Fund, members of the University community are able to have a direct impact on the University, our students and the state. These gifts strengthen the future by making capital improvements possible and by supporting the mission of the University.

Matching Gifts
Many companies will match the gifts of their employees, board members, and retirees. Most double the gift, and some give $2 or $3 for every $1 gift. Obviously, the University hopes donors will utilize matching programs whenever possible.

Multi-year Pledges
Many donors wish to build a substantial fund by making a gift over several years. These individuals are encouraged to make a commitment, designate their wishes in a gift agreement, and make pledge payments over three to five years or more. The most convenient method of payment is to write a check. Other forms of payment could be stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, and other securities held long-term.

Naming Opportunities
Naming Opportunities give donors opportunities to pay tribute to families, friends or community leaders by naming particular University buildings, areas, professorships or programs for them. There are numerous choices for naming gifts at both the North and South Campuses. Click here to view the current list of Naming Opportunities at USCB.

Planned Giving Opportunities
Many donors wish to work with their tax consultants and plan their gifts so that they make the most sense for their particular situations.  There are numerous methods for setting up planned gifts that allow the donor a great deal of flexibility, both in the type of gift and the timing for the gift. Click here for more detailed information about Planned Giving.

Real Estate and Personal Property
Gifts of appreciated real estate and property such as antiques, collections, art, books, and the like, used for our educational mission, carry the same beneficial tax treatment as gifts of appreciated securities.

Donors can make a significant impact on students’ ability to attend the University and to succeed here by setting up scholarships that provide full or partial coverage of tuition and fees for applicants and students that demonstrate need.  Scholarship donors can also have a significant impact on the University’s ability to attract outstanding students by setting up scholarships designed to bring in students with high academic achievement or achievement in special fields, such as athletics. Click here to learn more about the University’s Scholarship programs.