Foreign Travel

USC Beaufort recognizes that faculty and staff foreign travel may provide University benefits. However, given the cost associated with travel abroad, the University must require documentation from the traveler that details the purpose and outcomes of foreign travel.


Prior to arranging foreign travel plans, a faculty or staff member must submit a Travel Authorization and a brief explanation of the purpose of the foreign travel and the benefit to USC Beaufort to the appropriate division coordinator or department head.

Travel Authorizations must be completed prior to the dates of travel and early enough to ensure that the appropriate signatures are available. The TA must be completed and approved prior to the arrangement of travel plans including airline and hotel reservations.


It is the traveler's responsibility to make all travel arrangements. USC Beaufort uses Island Travel [(843) 525-0777] for common carrier bookings and will pay for tickets booked as invoiced by the agency. In addition, USC has contracted with this list of travel agencies which will bill us directly. If the traveler prefers to make alternate arrangements for common carrier, the travel costs will not be reimbursed to the traveler until the trip is concluded and proper receipts are submitted with the Travel Reimbursement Voucher.


If receipts are not provided, only the maximum daily rate for meals as established by the Federal Government for travel in foreign areas can be claimed. Note: the rates listed include an amount for incidental charges. This amount cannot be included in the meal reimbursement request (See breakdown at incidental expenses must be accounted for under "other expenses" on the TRV). See daily rates at

Exchange Rates

For reimbursement of receipts listed in foreign currency, select one day of travel to use as the basis for the exchange rate calculation and provide proper documentation

Submitting Travel Reimbursement Voucher

Upon completion on the trip, the traveler should send a completed Travel Reimbursement Voucher (TRV) with the appropriate receipts to the Business Office. For additional instructions regarding filling out the form, please click here.