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OLLI at USCB is a membership organization and you must be an OLLI member to attend classes, tours, community band and trips. The annual membership is $40, on a “rolling” basis, meaning that you can join or renew at any point in the year. Your membership will run 365 days from your date of joining or your date of renewal.

OLLI Instructor Rabbi Haas




All memberships are individual. For example, a husband and wife who join must fill out separate membership and registration forms.

Download an OLLI Membership Form here.

ALL OLLI members MUST have a current (2017-18) parking pass to park on the Bluffton USCB campus. Complete Parking Form and submit with registration or membership.

Once a member, you must pay the appropriate term fees for the Fall or the Winter/Spring session (Summer classes are free to OLLI members):

FALL 2018 Guide - released in August 2018

UNLIMITED – $120 per term allows you to take as many classes as you desire during that semester (subject to class seating availability). This option works best for you if you plan to take at least six or seven courses in a term, or want the option to add courses later at no additional charge. 

PAYGO (Pay As You Go) – You may elect to sign up on a class-by-class basis. Classes may be single session or multi-session. A class that is one or two sessions will cost $12, and a class that is three or more sessions will cost $20. This works very well for those who are still working, travel frequently or are unable to attend classes regularly. Form available


If classes are filled to capacity, OLLI maintains waiting lists for each.  You may elect to place your name on these waiting lists and be notified if an opening occurs.

OLLI members can sign up for courses at any time during the term.