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Parking at the USCB Bluffton campus is by permit only (with the exception of designated visitor spaces). At this time, there are no such parking restrictions at the Beaufort or Hilton Head locations. OLLI members taking classes at the Bluffton location must park in the student parking lots on campus. Do not park in Faculty/Staff parking areas. OLLI members with Handicapped tags may, however, park in Handicapped-designated parking spaces anywhere on campus – unless otherwise designated.

OLLI at USCB members must park in student parking areas, as they are considered as students. However, unlike matriculated USCB students, OLLI members do not pay separately for parking on campus – it is part of their membership fee. This is a $50 value, annually.

In return for this free parking decal, we ask all OLLI members to complete and return a parking decal application form, with details of the vehicle bearing the decal, including make, model, year, plate number and state of registration.

Parking forms can be downloaded here. Beaufort and Hilton Head members, please remember that while you do not need a parking sticker for either of those OLLI locations, if you take classes at the Bluffton location, you will need a parking decal.

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