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Process and Forms

Often times, students with disabilities receive testing accommodations such as additional time to test, testing in a distraction-reduced environment, and/or use of computer, scribe, or reader for testing. Some faculty members choose to provide special testing accommodations themselves, and Disability Services encourages this whenever possible. There are times when it may be difficult for faculty to make these accommodations. In instances where faculty members cannot provide the accommodations needed, tests may be proctored by Disability Services Test Proctoring Center.

The Process

Step 1: Before each exam, the student should provide the professor with a Proctoring Form (found on link below), which is to be filled out completely. The first section of the form is to be completed by the student. The second section of the form should be completed by the faculty member.

Step 2: After the first and second sections of the Proctoring Form are completed, the student should bring the form to Disability Services Test Proctoring Office - Library, room 221, or placed in the drop box across from Student Success Center, Library 202. The form must be turned in 7 days in advance of the test date for test proctoring services to be used.

Step 3: Disability Services Test Proctoring will set up a date/time for the student to take the exam when the student drops off the Proctoring Form. It is always recommended that the student take the exam on the same day and time as the class. However, if extended test taking time interferes with another class, other arrangements will be made with instructor approval. Please Note: Proctoring typically is available to students Monday through Thursday. Please advise the proctor if you must test on a Friday.

Step 4: The professor should provide Disability Services Test Proctoring with a copy of the test for the student to take at least 24 hours in advance of the test time.


For further instructions, please see the link below or contact Office of Counseling and Disability Services at (843) 208-8379 or Anita Lank (843) 208-8034

Click Here for Test Proctor Form