Disability Test Proctoring

Student Instruction on the HHI Gateway Campus

Please email your accommodation letters to your instructors and discuss how you should handle your testing services. Accommodations do not go into effect until you speak to your professors. If you are in need of a separate place to test or need assistance, some instructors may choose to proctor the tests themselves. If your instructor wants you to use Disability Services test proctoring services, please follow the steps below:

  1. Your test should be scheduled using a Test Proctor Form with Anita Lank, Disability Test Coordinator, no less than 7 DAYS before your test. This means that a test for Monday at 10:00am should be scheduled NO LATER than 5:00pm on the preceding Monday.

    If you have questions about scheduling a test, call Anita Lank @ (843)208-8034 or alank@uscb.edu. ***Helpful Hint*** Check your syllabus early and schedule all of your exams with Ms. Lank for the entire semester at the beginning of the semester.

    Please Note: Proctoring typically is available to students Monday through Thursday. Please advise the proctor if you must test on a Friday.
  2. In order to schedule a test/tests (you may schedule more than one test for a class with one proctor form) fill out a Test Proctoring Form (found on USCB web page under Disability Services) and take to instructor to fill out. The completed form should be placed in the “lock box” next to the restrooms on the 2nd floor of the HHI Gateway campus Library or given to Anita Lank, LIB 221.
  3. Please make sure the instructor understands that the test needs to be at the “lock box” on the second floor of the Library by the elevator, room 221, or e-mailed to proctoring@uscb.edu by 5:00pm on the day before the test.
  4. Go to Room 221- Library to take your test at the scheduled time.