Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • South Carolina's Palmetto, Hope and Life scholarship winners are increasingly choosing USCB. In 2010-2011, 406 of these scholarship winners who had earned over $1.8 million in scholarships attended USCB.
  • 33 students awarded $71,842 USCB Scholarships and 69 students recieved Athletic Scholarships totaling $407,021.

  • Financial aid & scholarships awarded to students through our offices in the 2010-11 academic year totalled $15.2 million.

  • Degree specific scholarships are available for incoming Hospitality, Studio Art, and Computational Science majors, as well as transfer students.


The following dates are critical in applying for scholarships and financial aid:

  • January 1 - Begin applying for Free Application for Federal Student Aid Programs (FAFSA). Available at
  • February 1 - Deadline to apply for USCB Scholarships. A FAFSA must be submitted prior to this date to be considered for USCB scholarships.
  • March 1- The USCB Financial Aid Office priority deadline for FAFSA applications. Some need-based financial aid programs with limited funding are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Meeting this deadline ensures consideration for the maximum financial aid package for which a student is eligible.

For more information about how to apply for scholarships and financial aid at USCB, please contact the Financial Aid office at 843-521-3104 or visit the Financial Aid Office web page.